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We’re not in Kansas, kids…

We’re not in Kansas, kids…

While on a year-long journey alone into the arctic, I managed to venture out 250 miles beyond any other person and probably any other animals, but for a musk ox and crow. Standing in profound aloneness on the desolate permafrost, I was shocked when the clouds, fog and light started to visibly interact with me. Of course they hadn’t just started, they had always been interacting with me and everyone else, but in that moment I finally was aware of it. Actually it’s more than interacting: Earth was consciously embracing me with energy that connects all of us. And it’s through that responsive energy, she not only guides us, but Earth depends upon our thoughts and sensory responses for her own direction.

I first glimpsed at this notion back in 1986 through the passionate and visionary speech by Miriam MacGillis, O.P. entitled,  “Fate of the Earth” and then had my mind spun around numerous revolutions by a Lenni Lenape Clan Mother with whom I mentored for 15 years as she, also, described and demonstrated this reality through science-bending control over wind, butterflies and long-distance knowledge of detailed events for which no explanation of her constant psychic ability in western culture exists.

Enthralled that I, too, was now entering into the world described by Sister Mac and revealed to me by Grandmother,  I began creating photographs far above the 66th parallel while in that quasi-hypnotic euphoric state of Earth oneness which many near-death adventurers have come back to describe as a transcendent immersion in love.

This story would be just another navel-gazing enlightenment trip were it not for the next revelation and the science that supports the phenomenon of frequency entrainment, a skill I have long used as a psychotherapist to energetically help “pace” clients out of one perceptual state and into another.

Once home again and, then beyond five years of evaluating the 20,000 images I generated, I finally identified and edited to completion the 75 now comprising the “The Secret Life of Light” collection. At last, I printed those photographs and that’s when it happened:

Many (but not everyone) who saw them said that there was something waaaaaay compelling about them. I observed viewers becoming transfixed in front of them; describing the images as “haunting,” “captivating,” “hypnotic” . Across the room from me at a gallery reception, a Navajo woman stood in front of one of my photographs for about fifteen minutes before turning,  walking directly up to me (though she had never met me before) and somehow knowing I was the artist, asked if I was a shaman.

I knew there was something unprecedented about these images the minute I saw the prints, but it wasn’t until I observed the reactions of all the others that I knew for sure that people with no prior relationship to those landscapes were being drawn into them the same way I was when physically there. I believe that for some, the images are channeling energy from the very landscapes in which they were created. These landscapes are especially conversant about places between the worlds, a loving next life I experienced while entranced on the permafrost— a place that those with near-death experiences have described over and over as being profoundly beautiful.

Suddenly it made sense: day after day, I entrained myself with that other-worldy frequency in that far-north wonderland, while holding the camera while vibrating in those landscapes and allowing the light (and wind) wavelengths to pass through my body, onto the sensor and, from there into files that become prints. In essence, I had been a tuning fork for Mother’s voice.

I can no more prove nor explain the physics of that entrainment than I can prove and explain the tail on my dog’s rear end, yet, I know for a fact  both exist. In 1940, proof of entrainment and it’s power to generate profound change was captured on film when the energetic frequency of constant 50 mph winds entrained with frequency of the sway in the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge: the bridge went into an uncontrolled oscillation and snapped apart. Another example of something unseen (like the wind) entraining with a material to produce a dramatic effect has been seen countless times when a singer’s voice successfully explodes a wine glass. Unlike these violent examples of entrainment, however, the energy flowing through the arctic images is benevolent and rapturously beautiful. In the same manner that chanting “OM” induces a sense of serenity through frequencies, the constant flow of light and harmonic frequencies through the photographs “broadcasts” love from the northern wilderness,  imparting wisdom and near-conversational guidance to those receptive to “picking it up.”

Native Americans (their culture being steeped in the art of vibrational transformation) have long been able to “pick up” information from seemingly inanimate objects like rocks. It was traditionally felt that cameras steal a person’s spirit and so, many native people disdain having pictures taken. Every day, the spiritual ways we communicate with animals and plants; finding ourselves being mysteriously rescued by angels, acknowledging archeological discoveries that exceed our civilization’s grasp on gravity and looking into the black holes and dimension-shifting “places” different than those based on the time and space we have constructed,,,all of these things relate to the process of  “entrainment”:

The matching of rhythmic physiological or behavioral events in their period or phase to that of an environmental oscillation. the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume a common period. The two oscillators may fall into synchrony, but other phase relationships are also possible.

In other words, when I matched my frequency to the ever-changing environment’s frequency, the camera came with and the record created of light (and sound frequencies passing through my body) in those moments is now imbedded within the files and the prints. The same vibration is now communicating to some viewers in Tucson, Arizona,  as communicated to me crossing Brooks Range. Think of it like this: if a holographic plate is dropped and broken, from just one tiny piece of the plate the entire 3-D image of Elvis can be recreated. Similarly, scientists are finding that almost any section of the brain is miraculously capable of assuming the functions of another damaged area. Thus, a piece of paper with a record of the light (and, I posit, the wind) shining on me and my camera vibrating in communion with that light (and wind)  can, conceivably, put into motion the entire vibratory state from which those light (and wind) frequencies originated.

The energy I encountered in the arctic changed my life and continues to guide me from the image I have hanging over my bed. This is what “The Secret Life of Light” is about: the discovery of (and my subsequent desire to share information about) the mysterious entrainment phenomenon wherein shapes shift and those with a desire to see into a world beyond this one are able to do so through these images.

I asked Dr. Lani Leary, a world authority on hospice care, to look at “The Secret Life of Light” and to tell me if she thought these images could be of help to those who are dying. Could those afraid to let go experience, through the photographs, this loving resonance awaiting therm and, thus, cross over more easily? Based on seeing just the digital images (those in print being even more expressive over a constant period of time), her response was:  “I agree, these are healing images. They have the power to heal. I wish you much success, and trust in your vision and intention to heal others through the beauty you are so able to capture and share.”

And so, being that you have come to my website (which I believe is no accident, we being connected as we are by Mother) I hope you realize that we’re on an unpredictable journey. I am about a unique kind of photography, but and also about helping others learn to enter states of entrainment in their lives to communicate lovingly with any thing, any one, and any world (be it rocks, chairs, stars, pets or the dead). And for sure, I am about wanting  my photographs to live in the homes of those who appreciate a loving form of energy flowing from the wall and into their lives all day and night.

Enjoy the online galleries and if you join my mailing list, you’ll automatically receive “Mother is Speaking,” a daily email I send out with a who-knows-what of some kind that I’m picking up through my own Earth awareness that day. I invite us all to be mindful, then,  of whatever that (typically illogical) who-knows-what might be and if, during the day, it becomes meaningful to you in some way, I invite you to post a note on the Mother is Speaking forum where experiences from others are also shared and we can begin to see and appreciate the amazing synchronous connections we have with one another, other species, other elements and other worlds through our receptivity to Mother’s constant messaging.

It is also no accident that this insight we are gaining as a species into energy medicine and spirituality largely coincides with the emergence of women into more society-defining roles. As we remember who we are and reinvent ourselves adaptively, that receptive posture we manifest biologically is empowered more and more to shape our perceptive insight and influence within the realms of politics, art, medicine and survival.

That Earth, herself, depends upon our feedback in the system of evolution, having women come to the fore in celebration of Earth, demonstrating our abilities to receive and “hear” her, “pick up on” and act upon the illogical but wise guidance she offers in nurturing us 24/7— that transformation of human consciousness is absolutely essential to making the best of whatever long shot we have of surviving the greedy and nonreceptive ignorance that has progressively destroyed Eden to the point of climatic catastrophe.

But take heart:  If we, in communion with one another and Mother maintain our steadfast resonance around the globe and within our individual spiritual practices…if we nurture and teach others about the power of entraining in order to hear the stories rocks have to tell and see within our minds the love letters trees constantly send to us as images…then we can be certain, yes, CERTAIN  of having, when we need it most, the power to set into sway those political and economic structures that would have the Fourth World of the Hopi become The Fifth World without a single human worthy of preservation. NO: we can be now those enlightened and loving beings who guide Earth through her necessarily violent changes by our expressions of gratitude, sending back through the entrainment channel, the love every mother hopes her children will manifest for her and one another.

We’re not in Kansas, kids.