Personal time with the artist included with acquisitions:

Presentational Masterwork acquisition- When invited, I personally deliver and/or oversee the installation of the framed Masterwork prints. Being familiar with the pride and excitement that accompanies the arrival of a significant new work, while at your residence for the day,  I would be honored to make a formal presentation of the work during a collector-hosted reception and speak to your guests about its creation, answer questions and, generally, share my appreciation and gratitude for the home you have provided for the print. Finally, throughout the day of installation, I would enjoy getting to know you. I remain a close friend of many of my collectors. 

Limited Edition Print acquisition- If you have occasion to be in Tucson, I'm available for coffee; lunch; dinner whatever suits your schedule. I look forward to sharing the backstory on your print as well anything else of interest to you in my areas of expertise. An investment in a Limited Edition work represents a serious step in the acquisition of art and I truly relish getting to know those who have acquired my work.  

Studio Appointments-- Collectors are always welcomed to visit my studio in Tucson to see the latest unpublished work available and prints of recent work as published at the Fine Art Photography of Linda Griffith website. 

Private Entrainment Consultation and Coaching
For those ready to develop powerful intuitive wisdom skills that allow us to "read" synchronous events for guidance, there are several paths to take:

Rapid Pathfindingâ„  Inquiry (on-site or by phone)-- an assisted direct-request to the universe for guidance on a specific issue or uncertainty that's on your mind with answers coming through a combination of cards and directional forces. The session will yield a solid picture of the personal resources you have at your disposal and would be wise to use,  the steps to take and ways to efficiently make the transformation needed to overcome the "stuck place". (Rapid Pathfindingâ„  is a trademarked coaching modality I developed for helping clients move quickly beyond difficult or uncertain times in their lives.)

$360. for 3 1-hour sessions; $160. for 1 session

Taking to Rocks (on-site or by phone)-- this is the core method for learning to swim in mysteriously powerful and totally illogical waters. Beginning with some sharing of your experience and interests, we'll immediately set out on some structured adventures for you to consider in your entrainment journey. I'll make a 15 minute daily call to you by which we'll gauge the next best step and, together, we'll start entering the richly spiritual world of constant, guiding conversations with natural elements ever-ready to nurture and help us in long-forgotten ways. Ever wonder why we take walks in the woods to calm ourselves? Through Talking to Rocks, you'll learn to fully hear what is being given to you by your surroundings with love and for your wellbeing. 

$480. for total of 4 hours:  initial 1/2 hour session, 12 daily 15-minute sessions and 1/2 hour summary session (may continue guided exploration with 15-minute daily sessions in packages of 12 for $360.)

Art or Decor (at your home)-- Discerning the difference between things we've collected that nourish the spirit vs. the eye candy that actually deadens the spirit is not always easy in a consumer society where flash is king. I'll be a "spiritual designer" on your team, helping you evaluate the things surrounding you in your home for the spiritual contributions they make (or prevent) when contemplating a transition in your life and/or a new look and feel to your home that will better energize and empower the true you. Objects speak constantly to us and that talk can be nurturing or a form of exhausting static. Let's check out your most important rooms  for what is spiritually going on under the radar. Best of all, during the process, I'll teach you to become your own spiritual designer!

$500. (4 hour session), $850 (8 hour session), plus travel, meals and dog sitter if over 500 miles.

Coaching & Consultation
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