The Secret Life of Light Book, Artist's Edition, Signed and Numbered
$140. + $8. shipping

Printed in very small quantities at a time, the total number of books in existence remains very close to the number actually sold, thus making it an excellent collector's item with no hidden stock to later enter the market.  Each copy is hand numbered and signed. Sized at 11" x 14", the images invite that experience we recall when, as children, the pictures were large enough to be mysterious worlds in which we could live for as long as we wished, and then some, being forever in memory. 

So it is here, no expense having been spared to reproduce each of 73 images from "The Secret Life of Light" with absolute accuracy of color. Included is a brief introduction, then no words (not even page numbers) to compete with Mother's own voice speaking through the landscapes. At the end, an Afterword of gratitude and, with each copy, my deepest personal wish for your life to be lovingly transformed and your knowledge of worlds beyond this one affirmed and enlightened.  

(As of April 2015, "The Secret Life of Light" has been accepted into the Museum of Modern Art Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection.)