How to become a great photographer quickly:

1) Get high quality feedback on your best images and inspiring recommendations for stretching your comfort zone.

2) Create, create, create, create, create. 

3) Get high quality feedback on your best images and inspiring recommendations for stretching your comfort zone. 

Seriously, that's how it's done and I've seen countless students make astounding progress with very little coaching. If you're interested (or know someone who would benefit from coaching as a gift), please visit my coaching site: Private Photography Workshops. I work equally well with students locally (Tucson, Arizona) or online.

I believe in giving back and offer coaching packages at an exceptionally low rate of $50-$65 per hour to make it possible for a larger number of students to get help. The downside is that sometimes there is a waiting list. If you can purchase coaching on my site then an opening for you exists since I disable the payment capability when the slots are full.