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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -Arthur C. Clarke

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How it works: I ask the earth,  "What should I send out  today?" The answer is usually nonsense but, as the day goes on, it will begin to make sense to many of us. If, then, you'll take a moment to post a comment for the community when the "whatever-it-is" (or something you feel is related to it) shows up, we'll be able to see our subconscious interconnectedness . (Hold onto your hat since this can be mind-altering when suddenly a stranger in Outer Someplace is dreaming about your dog!)

We’re not in Kansas, kids…

We’re not in Kansas, kids…

While on a year-long journey alone into the arctic, I managed to venture out 250 miles beyond any other person and probably any other animals, but for a musk ox and crow. Standing in profound aloneness on the desolate permafrost, I was shocked when the clouds, fog and light started to visibly interact with me. Of course they hadn’t just started, they…Continue Reading